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At bark! bark!, we’re dog lovers to the core, and we believe every pup deserves the best life. While in our perfect world, dogs would be allowed to go to work with their humans, that’s not reality. That means sometimes dogs get left alone while their humans must work.

But they don’t have to be!

bark! bark! exists to provide a safe, monitored environment for pups to play, romp, and socialize with other dogs in a way that enriches their lives and focuses their boundless energy. We believe all pups should get love, care, and attention, and we strive to provide that for the pups in our care. That’s why every dog who wiggles through our doors becomes part of our pack!

the bark! bark! mission

Each pup is unique, with distinct needs that fit their individual personalities. That’s why we tailor our services to meet those needs. When a dog isn’t getting their needs met, they can exhibit worrisome behaviors, just like people do. Pups can become clingy, whine or bark when left alone, seem depressed, or even get destructive by chewing up possessions.

Dog daycare is a fantastic way to keep pups engaged, socialized, and help them expend energy. It’s also a great way to meet other dog owners and professional trainers.

benefits of dog daycare


pups are exposed to different stimuli in other pets, people, and environments. This helps them handle nearly every environment they’ll come across in a calm manner


daycare is a great opportunity for dogs to run around and romp and play with other dogs.


daycares can be a gateway to further training classes or private sessions with a professional trainer. Giving dogs structure can stimulate a dog’s learning centers and solve some pups’ behavioral concerns.


dogs are pack animals who feel at home with others of their kind. Spending time with other dogs allows them to bond with furry friends they might not otherwise meet. This is especially beneficial for shy or anxious dogs who may need time to warm up to others.

peace of mind

dog daycares give humans peace of mind knowing their beloved furry family members are cared for and well-loved while they can’t be home with them. It’s stress reduction for everyone.

the bark! bark! difference

We believe socializing pups should happen as realistically as possible. That’s why we base our pup groups on temperament, not size.

The pups in our care interact with a variety of different dogs, all of whom are carefully selected to ensure a safe, fun environment for everyone. This approach leads to happier, well-adjusted pups who are better equipped to handle an ever-changing environment.

In the bark! bark! daycare, our experienced staff is trained in dog handling skills and certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. Our playrooms are perfect for all types of dogs, from social butterflies to those seeking a more subdued place to hang out.
All bark! bark! staff are trained to quickly recognize and reduce problem behaviors and increase a controlled daycare environment. The rigorous dog handling training program ensures all staff members are confident and skilled in managing dogs in a group.

The bark! bark! daycare rooms are air climate controlled for everyone’s comfort, and we schedule daily enrichment activities to give our pups routine and structure, which is essential for their development. Pups have access to ramps and toys for entertainment, and there’s always a staff member to give them love and attention.

Big or small, young or old, bark! bark! has a pawfect daycare solution for each dog in our care.

the story of bark! bark!

bark! bark! grew organically out of a dog walking business started in the late 1990s by Vivian Dominguez, who saw the dogs in her Southern California neighborhood were desperate for socialization. Each day after her shift at work, Vivian would do what she loved—spending time with her neighborhood pups.

It didn’t take long to see how much these dogs craved socialization with other dogs while their owners were away, and Vivian’s pack grew. And grew some more.

the co-founders open the first bark! bark! location

In 2009, Vivian teamed up with co-founder Danielle Portillo to open the first bark! bark! location in Downtown Long Beach, California. Together, they created the vision not only of how bark! bark! would socialize the dogs in their care, but how they would take care of their employees. At bark! bark!, employees enjoy coming to work because morale is high, training is thorough, and there is upward mobility. The workplace culture is one of fun, enjoyment, and safety for the pups, and it shows in the loyalty of the employees as well as the families who’ve entrusted bark! bark! with their furry family members. Some families have been with bark! bark! for more than 10 years!

Word of mouth grew, and so did the bark! bark! customer base, and Vivian and Danielle opened a second location in Signal Hill, California in 2011. Despite opening in the middle of a recession, the bark! bark! business has flourished with dog daycare and hotel services, grooming, and certified professional training classes ranging from beginner to advanced level.

bark! bark! is where cool dogs go to just be, well, dogs! They play, learn to socialize, get lots of love and cuddles while their humans are working hard to give them the best life possible. The attention to detail and safety at bark! bark!—from the cool cams where pet parents can watch their pups play to the thoughtful design that ensures dogs don’t get stuck and are supervised day and night—are what elevates us above other dog daycares and pet hotels.

It’s why we’ve become the go-to dog daycare, and we’re ready to share that with potential franchisees who have a love of dogs and an entrepreneurial spirit as boundless as the energy of the pups in our care!

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