the bark! bark! opportunity

As the doggie daycare people trust, we are pawsitively excited to offer the bark! bark! franchising opportunity to interested entrepreneurs and owner/operators who love dogs and want careers in pet care.

Whether you’re a pet parent or simply love dogs as much as we do, we’d like to give you the chance to join the cool dogs!

We’re excited to hear about your interest in bark! bark!, and we want to talk with you about your passion for dogs and for business.

While industry experience isn’t a requirement to become a part of the bark! bark! pack, an entrepreneurial spirit is key.

the bark! bark! core services

We are part of the multi-billion dollar pet care industry—$120 billion in the US alone. On average, a single family with a dog will spend more than $1,200 per year on their four-legged fur baby.
For some families, bark! bark! is a vital part of the care they provide their pup. Our core services include:
dog daycare
hotel services
bark! bark! also awards franchisees an opportunity to add additional revenue streams, such as extended dog training, bark bus, and dental clinics that a third party outsources.

With a big surge in pet adoptions at the beginning of the 2020s, pet daycare, grooming, and training demands are only getting higher. Now is a fantastic time to invest in the dog daycare and pet hotel and resort industry!

join the cool dogs!

With bark! bark!, anything is pawsible!
We’re looking for passionate dog lovers with the heart for both the bark and the business, because when your heart is in what we do, growth happens naturally. There’s no guesswork or starting from scratch—especially because we’ve developed a franchise model that has smoothed out all the initial pain points.
Owning a bark! bark! franchise involves connecting with people and their dogs in a way that creates value for all involved—you get the satisfaction from knowing your customers feel like they’ve found family, and you get to provide them with value that keeps them coming back time and again. When we say “value,” it doesn’t mean expensive things. We’re talking about genuine connections made through trust, care, and love.

the bark! bark! investment

Now, let’s talk about the numbers, because savvy entrepreneurs like you don’t only follow your instincts.

How much does it cost to start a dog daycare franchise? The answer is, it depends on exactly what you’re looking for with your new business.

The initial investment estimate for a bark! bark! franchise location ranges between $510,200 and $723,608, which includes the franchise fee of $40,000.

Prospective franchisees should also have a minimum of $185,000 in liquid capital available. Strategic infusions of good cash flow at the beginning are what give a business like bark! bark! the best opportunity to thrive, and this liquid capital requirement is designed for that purpose.

The details of what make up the investment estimate is more thoroughly explained in the bark! bark! financial disclosure document (FDD), and generally include construction costs, equipment, and payroll, as well as other standard business expenses.

Interested entrepreneurs must also have a minimum net worth of $925,000, and a qualifying credit score of 720.

Our nation’s veterans have the support of everyone at bark! bark!, and we recognize the unique and strong relationship between veterans and dogs. We are pleased to offer our franchise program to veterans at a discounted rate of 15%.

initial investment
$510,200 - $723,608
liquid capital
net worth
credit score

take the next step!

If the bark! bark! dog daycare franchise matches the heart and passion you have for dogs, and you have the kind of entrepreneurial spirit we’re seeking in our next franchisee, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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