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With a bark! bark! franchise, you’re in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

bark! bark! is franchising because our unique and pup-focused care is in high demand, and we want to keep growing! We believe franchising gives us an avenue to continue that growth by awarding franchises to like-minded entrepreneurs who are as passionate about caring for the pups as we are.

We’ve designed our franchise model to do just that—award qualified potential owner/operators with franchise units to carry on the bark! bark! philosophy. We’re determined to keep the high standards of love and attention for the pups that have driven the bark! bark! brand to the heights we’ve reached since we’ve been in business.

We’re also intent on spreading that love and attention to our franchisees with our unparalleled support. From the moment a prospective franchisee signs the franchising agreement with bark! bark!, they become part of our pack, and they’ll receive all the support that comes with it.

bark! bark! pack support

Our dog daycare, overnight hotel, grooming, and training services are the core foundation of what we offer at bark! bark!.

The way we operate is a bit different than other pet hotel and resort franchises. So from the moment the franchise agreement is signed, we adopt our franchise owners as our own and carry them through extensive training all the way through and beyond their grand opening.

With bark! bark!, our comprehensive support includes:
site selection advice
Location makes all the difference for customer convenience and accessibility. Based on our years of experience in the dog daycare and overnight boarding industry, we’ll offer advice based on demographics models we’ve developed to help you determine the best possible site for your bark! bark! franchise.
construction & design
The safety of the pups in the care of every bark! bark! franchise is of the utmost importance, and that begins with the layout and design of the facilities. The design of your bark! bark! franchise is a comfortable, inviting space for the pups that’s both welcoming and functional with no sharp corners or small spaces where little pups could become stuck, and all materials are non-toxic to dogs. All of the decor, furniture, and signage fits the bark! bark! modern, cool aesthetic to fit our relaxed, confident vibe. bark! bark! is where cool dogs go, and it begins with the initial build-out.
thorough training
Every franchise owner is given comprehensive training, so you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to run your bark! bark! franchise to our high standard. This includes 5 days of training in our Long Beach, California flagship location, split between in-class instruction and working on-site with our experienced staff for hands-on practice. Online training before the trip prepares franchise owners for the in-person experience, so everyone begins their in-person training on the right paw. We continue to provide ongoing training and support for our franchisees to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest training techniques and behavioral advances for pups and everything else related to the bark! bark! business.
best-in-show technology
Part of what sets us apart from the competition is our cool cams, where our pup pawrents can observe their furry family members at play, at rest, or at any other time. It gives them peace of mind whether they’re at work, traveling, or simply away from their pups for a short time. This technology is vital to our brand, and our franchisees must be up-to-speed on guiding customers through its usage, so we help everyone understand it and how it works. We also use cloud-based technologies in other ways to run the bark! bark! administrative side of the business. It helps us stay on top of everything from scheduling, payroll, and data reporting. Our franchisees will receive all the training necessary to use these programs for smooth operations, so your focus is on the pups as much as possible.
marketing support
At bark! bark!, our marketing messaging is a point of pride for its top quality and ability to attract new business. All of our marketing is designed in-house by professional designers. As a franchisee, you will benefit from marketing templates that will be customizable for your franchise location. This keeps the bark! bark! brand message consistent while giving you everything you need to make marketing in your local area a walk in the park!
business development & growth support
This component of the bark! bark! franchise model support is vital, and we’ve developed it through a lot of dedication and first-hand knowledge. We’ve built the program to enable next-level marketing, sales, and operations, so you can focus on your bark! bark! business. We remove the guesswork from promotion, customer leads, growth and development, and retention, and our program has worked for many years. We’re so happy to share our methods with our franchisees, so each of you can experience the potential and flourishing business goals we’ve experienced with bark! bark!
bark! bark! isn’t only where cool dogs go; it’s also where savvy entrepreneurs go to advance their portfolios, enhance their careers, and fulfill their lives by working with energetic pups every day.

Too often, we’ve heard people talk about how much they dread going to their jobs, how much they hate their long commute, or how unfulfilled they are in their daily drudgery.

As a franchisee with bark! bark!, working with dogs every day is the opposite. It’s full of laughter, furry fun, and building true connections with the humans who love their pups and want to give them the best life. If this sounds like a good career move, download our industry outlook to learn how you can become the next bark! bark! franchisee!

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