A day in the life of owning the best pet franchise

There are many types of pet franchises, where entrepreneurs who love animals can work with animals for a living. At bark! bark! we can relate, but we’re quite partial to the dog daycare business. 

Having first-hand experience, we have no qualms about thinking our franchise model is one of the best pet franchise opportunities out there. Let’s take a walk through a day in the life of the bark! bark! “pawfice” for a look at what it’s truly like to be a part of this amazing pet franchise. 

Beginning the day at the best pet franchise

Arriving at the bark! bark! facilities in the morning is sometimes the best part of the day. The pups of the overnight slumber pawty pack may just be waking up. They’re super excited to see the daytime crew, but they’ll happily take the last cuddles from the overnight staff who are ending their shift.

Sammy the Schnauzer wiggles all over himself to say hello. He knows that when the pet franchise opens for the day, breakfast is soon to follow. Sammy’s a regular, happy to be part of the pack when his humans are away for their relatively frequent overnight work trips.

But it’s still fairly early, and the highly-trained staff has things well in hand with the pups on the premises. Soon, the cool dogs come to bark! bark! for the day while their pawrents are at work will begin arriving, and there are some small administrative tasks that can be handled while it’s still quiet.

There’s nothing quite like being greeted by pups who are excited to see you, though. That’s one of the reasons this business is the best pet franchise. The pups make everything worthwhile.

Where cool dogs play at the best pet franchise

Now the day is in full swing. The daycare dogs have all been dropped off by their humans. There’s a new little gal, a French Bulldog named Pink, and today is her first time with the pack, so she’s a bit nervous. Pink has had her initial assessment, so she’s been placed with similarly tempered pups and will soon find her footing.

For now, she’s content to press her small bulk against the leg of the staff member who is watching over the group, getting reassuring cuddles while she observes and finds her courage to go play. It won’t take her long.

In the meantime, Sprinter has arrived for his grooming appointment, and none too soon, too. He’s a Siberian Husky, and the seasons are beginning to change from winter to spring. It’s warming up, and he’s feeling it, if his panting and lolling tongue is any kind of sign.

Sprinter—so named because he loves to run—will have the full spa treatment today, with a bath and complete brushing to relieve him of as much fur as we can safely do. He’ll get a nail trim, too, so he’s ready to play. Today’s just a grooming day for Sprinter, but he’s also a cool dog who comes to stay when his humans travel out of state to visit their family who live on the opposite coast.

These are the animals we’ve grown to love in the regular day-to-day of running the best pet franchise there is. They make this one of the most rewarding business ventures possible, and their humans are pretty cool, too.

Where cool dogs stay overnight at the best pet franchise

Speaking of overnight pups, the day is transitioning from the daycare group to the pack that are staying with us while their pawrents are out of town. We’ve spent the afternoon playing, getting our groomed pups pretty, and making sure everyone is safe, happy, and well-fed (and the few who need medications are properly cared for as needed).

Many of the pups are being picked up and the day is winding down from the bigger group of dogs to the more intimate pack who will be slumbering overnight. Because bark! bark! embraces technology, the pups can be observed from any of the rooms where they’re allowed to roam and play and sleep. Their parents are given access to view them through our cool cams, one of the perks of being part of the bark! bark! dog daycare community. It’s another reason we feel we’re one of the best pet franchises there is.

We go out of our way to reassure our pet parents their animals are safe, secure, and happy in our care. It’s one of the reasons we have such a high retention rate among our customers: they trust us completely.

But technology also means that while we’re working, the business is running smoothly in a cloud-based system that franchisees find is easy to work with. It’s one of the details that elevates our pet franchise for sale above all the others.

Pink, the French Bulldog, won’t have a clue about how the technology we operate will keep her safe and secure. She only knows, as she snuggles down for the night on her own sleeping cot and warm blanket, that she’s had a great day, playing with new pup friends and getting cuddles from new humans.

Becoming a bark! bark! pet franchise owner

If this sounds like a fun day, think what it would be like if this were every day. Sure, there are more administrative tasks that take place running a bark! bark! pet franchise, but we give our franchise owners everything they need from the beginning to keep things operating smoothly.

This includes:

  • site selection advice based on demographics models and years of experience in the dog daycare and overnight boarding industry so franchisees are equipped to select the best location possible.
  • design and build-out guidance that ensures each bark! bark! location has the cool, urban vibe of our brand as well as all the safety and security features that make pups happy in our care. This includes non-toxic materials, no small spaces or sharp corners, and the cool aesthetic that makes our locations comfortable and relaxing.
  • extensive training helps franchisees develop necessary skills and knowledge to keep to the bark! bark! standard of care. We start with online training to prepare franchise owners for 5 days in Long Beach, California, where our experienced staff at our flagship location will teach in-person, paws-on skills that impart techniques and behavioral knowledge for all the pups in our care.
  • best-in-show technology elevates bark! bark! above other pet franchises, not only for our pet parents, but for our franchise owners, too. Our cloud-based systems make operating this business a walk in the park, keeping scheduling, payroll, and other admin tasks on target, so bark! bark! owners can focus on the pups in their care.
  • unparalleled marketing support using top quality, professionally designed marketing templates that are customizable to each franchise location. This marketing messaging is consistent and works well with our business development and growth strategies.
  • our business development and growth support model has been built to remove the guesswork from promotion, generating customer leads, and promoting next-level marketing, sales, and operations. This program has worked for many years, and is the key to our steady customer retention. Our franchisees benefit from this model not only to have their best chance to flourish, but also to keep focus on the pups in their care.

At bark! bark!, we’ve thought of everything to make the franchise model one of the best in the pet franchise world. If you’re a passionate entrepreneur who thinks working with dogs is a great way to spend your day, then perhaps you’d like to put your paw in with us. We’d love to hear from you!

Posted by bark bark! Franchise on April 7, 2023

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