Is a pet supplies franchise as paws-on as you want to be?

Many people who work with animals for a living are in it—at least in part—for the furry cuddles and four-legged play time they get with happy pets. Many job opportunities exist for working with pets, and one of the easiest is opening a pet supplies franchise.

But perhaps such a franchise does not work as closely with, say, dogs, as one could with opening a dog daycare franchise like bark! bark!
Let’s look at the differences between owning a pet supplies franchise versus a dog daycare franchise like bark! bark! 

how does owning a pet supplies franchise differ from a dog daycare franchise?


The absolute biggest difference is how much interaction the staff at a pet supply franchise will have with the animals they see compared with the staff at a dog daycare franchise like bark! bark! 

Sure, employees at the pet supplies franchise will see the animals that enter the store with their owners, but unless customers have a question for the employees, there’s no guarantee staff members will get to interact with the pets. The most they can hope for is a little time in the checkout lines while they’re ringing up the customer’s purchases.

At a dog daycare franchise like bark! bark!, we really get to know the animals in our care. Often, pups in our care come to us multiple times a week for routine care while their humans are at work. 

Not only do we see them more often than we would if we were a pet supplies franchise, we  get to interact with them much more! We play with them, cuddle with them, and in general get in all the pets and scritches we can while they’re with us.

Because bark! bark! also offers overnight hotel services, we have some of our furry guests for days at a time while their humans travel for work or vacation. The pups always have someone watching over them, even for an overnight slumber party.

daily and repeat guests

Sure, pet supplies franchises see loyal customers all the time, but not with the same frequency as a dog daycare franchise like bark! Bark!.

How many times are customers stopping into a pet store? Once, maybe twice every couple of weeks? 

Many of the pups who frequent bark! bark! are here multiple times a week, every week. We’ve built such a close relationship with their pawrents, we feel like one big family. Many of our pups have been part of the bark! bark! pack for many years!

product-focused over service-focused

Another major difference between pet supplies franchises and dog daycare franchises is where the focus lies.

Pet supply franchises focus on, well, supplies. Some of them are even more niche, like pet food franchises. Dog daycare franchises focus on the services we provide our pups. 

bark! bark! is where cool dogs go for dog daycare, grooming, and overnight hotel services. Our flagship locations in Long Beach and Signal Hill, California also offer expert certified training, the bark! bus for picking up pups when their parents need a little help getting them to our facilities, and even dental services through a third party. We take care of the pups in our care.

how owning a bark! bark! franchise is more rewarding than a pet supplies franchise

bark! bark! is franchising right now because demand is growing fast for pup-focused dog daycare services like ours, where pups are grouped together based on temperament, not size. Word is spreading about bark! bark! so fast, we can’t keep up!

Can a pet supplies franchise say the same?

It’s a good problem to have, and we love that our philosophy is so well-received. However, to keep our standards of care across every bark! bark! location, existing and future, we need like-minded owners/operators who will be as passionate about the pups as we are.

Our franchise model takes the guesswork out of promoting and growing the bark bark business, so franchise owners benefit from unparalleled support, best-in-show technology, and extremely thorough training.

The bark bark franchise support model includes:

  • Site support advice and construction guidance to ensure your bark! bark! location has all the safety features necessary to keep even little pups from getting stuck in small spaces. All materials are non-toxic and fits in with our relaxed, confident vibe.
  • Thorough training that begins with 5 days of in-class and on-site instruction at our flagship location in Long Beach, California. You’ll work with our experienced staff and gain hands-on practice. Everyone has access to online training prior to their in-person trip, so franchisees begin on the right paw. Staff is kept up-to-date on the latest training and behavioral advances through ongoing training modules and support.
  • Best-in-show technology keeps bark! bark! ahead of the pack on the customer side with our cool cams that allow our pups’ humans to keep an eye on them throughout the day for peace of mind. We give franchisees similar visibility to all aspects of their business through cloud-based technology tools that allow data reporting from a variety of angles. Scheduling, accounting, payroll… it’s all handled smoothly, so franchise owners can concentrate on the dogs in their care.
  • Cohesive marketing support designed by professional designers gives franchise owners templates that are customizable for their locations. This keeps all marketing for each location as simple as a walk in the park!
  • Business development and growth support tools that are the ultimate support tool. Our leadership team has built a program of next-level marketing, sales, and operations that works based on first-hand knowledge and experience. This tool generates quality customer leads and has been proven to develop the business and grow the client roster while maintaining quality customer retention. It’s worked for many years and we’re happy to share our methods with franchisees.

At bark! bark!, we’re dedicated to what we do because we love the paws-on nature of working with pups every day. We love being the place where cool dogs go, and we are humbled to be the dog daycare franchise people trust with their furry family members.

We can’t imagine not having that closeness for another franchise type, like a pet supplies franchise.

If having pet cuddles and playtime every day sounds like the best way to make a living, you may be the kind of franchise owner/operator we’re looking for to expand our bark! bark! brand to new territories.

Learn more by downloading a copy of our free industry outlook for details on the bark! bark! brand and the dog daycare industry. We’d love to hear from you!

Posted by bark bark! Franchise on March 14, 2023

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